Teer Night Results

Teer Night

Teer Night results for 27th January 2020

Teer Night

First Round (FR)



Night Teer Old Results

Night teer previous results

Night teer Old Results are important for any player, we have recorded these results just for you.

Teer Night

Second Round (SR)



Teer Common Numbers

Night Common numbers

Teer common numbers are published everyday for night based on our calculation & old results

Teer Night 2

First Round (FR)



Night Teer 2 Old Results

Night 2 teer previous results

We have recorded previous teer results just for you as we know Night teer 2 Old Results are important for any player.

Teer Night 2

Second Round (SR)



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Night 2 Common numbers

Teer common numbers are published everyday for night 2 based on our calculation & old results

Which teer night results to check ?

Results are updated on this page as “Night Teer”, “Night Teer 2”. These name are based on time of announcement of result by the teer organisation, please check the previous results for the individual to identify if you are chasing the right one. Please do understand that the results published on theteer.com are based on the announcement of the teer organisation and sometime time may vary a little so stay tuned as we are committed to update the teer results as and when it is available.

What is Teer Night ?

There are many organisation who conduct teer night game in Shillong. They are two rounds in each organisation and have different time to publish them.

How to play teer ?

There are many teer counted who are authorised to sell teer morning tickets, you can buy tickets from them. Before you play you must select/choose numbers that you are about to play. To find these numbers there are many teer formula to consider. We have published a teer formula that may help you to choose.

Teer results

We know that you are looking for teer results for the respective teer association you have played and so we publish all the Teer results in above section everyday on time, as and when it is announced by the respective teer association.

Teer previous results

We keep all the teer previous morning results in our website to be available for you. We know this fact that previous results are important for teer player.

Teer sure numbers or make numbers

We have no idea about this topic neither we provide any make numbers to any nor we can. Many believe that there are sure number or few call them making numbers but we do not have any access to them. But we do provide our target numbers for Shillong, Khanapara & Juwai, you may contact TheTeer for that.

Teer Target numbers

We provide teer target numbers for Shillong, Khanapara and Juwai regularly but keep it in mind that these target numbers are not make numbers nor we guarantee of success. These numbers are not free either so do not waste your time by contacting us for free target numbers.