Teer Formula

Teer formula

Shillong, Khanapara (Guwahati), Juwai & Night teer formula

What is Teer Formula ?

Teer formula are important just like “Teer dream number” for any Teer player to find out numbers for the day, for the week ( also called Booking number) or for the month ( also called Booking number). We shall list out all the formulas here so that it can help you identify numbers for the day/week/month. I (TheTeer) am playing Teer from last 15 year and I shall share all my findings regarding.

I consider teer as a mathematical game and this is the reason I dig into the formula, I can asure you that there will be few formula which will fassinate you and more over The formulas that I shall list out here will be back tested (I have tested these formula in previous results and 90% is the success ratio). We strongly request you to test any formula with previous results and play only when you are confident. We do not guarantee the success of any formula and hence play at your own risk, my suggestion not to play big amount in teer and it can lead you to Gamble.

With saying so let me list out few formula for you, and here it goes :

1) Choose any day result and expand all the numbers by using Groups & Points, out of these number will be in result at-least 1 time within 7 days (playing days, 6 day in a week is generally playing day) and at-least 2 times within 14 days.

Example: 08th July 2019, result was: 14-07


Group 14 => 14,41,46,64,19,91,96,69

Group 07=>07,70,25,52,75,57,20,02

Point 14=>86,68,95,59,77

Point 7=>07,70,25,52,16,61,34,43

Total Numbers are:07,70,25,52,16,61,34,43,86,68,95,59,77,75,57,20,02,14,41,46,64,19,91,96,69


10th July 2019, Result : 29-41, Success

11th July 2019, Result : 34-82, Success

Formula back testing

We highly recommend formula testing before playing and investing your hard earned money. I test all the formula with previous results  

And only if the formula works in than I consider the formula as effective one. I must say there are no such formula which will be 100% effective but I consider only those which are at-least 90% success ratio. The above mentioned formula is one of them which has a track record of more that 90%.