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Night teer result and common numbers

Night teer result & Common Number.


Night Teer Result

First Round (FR)Second Round (SR)
92 48
The updating of teer result is dependent on the availability of time & informed by teer Counter.

Night teer common numbers

House : 1,6
Ending : 1,6
Direct : 81,62,96,15

Weekly booking numbers for Night teer

14/06/2021 to 20/06/2021
11, 44, 88, 14, 41, 18, 81, 48, 84
Updated on 14/06/2021

Night teer previous results

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Please check night teer result list if you're chasing the correct one. Please do understand that the results published on are supported the announcement of the organization and sometimes time may vary a touch so stay tuned as we are committed to updating the results as and when it's available.

What is Night Teer?

Similar to shillng teer, Khanapara teer, Juwai teer, many organizations conduct night outdoor game in Shillong. They're two rounds in each organization and have a distinct time to publish the results.

How to play this game?

Many counter who are authorized to sell night tickets, you'll be able to buy tickets from them. Before you play you need to select/choose numbers that you just are on the point of play. To search out these numbers there are many formulas to contemplate. We've got published a teer formula that will faciliate you to decide on.

Shillong Teer Night result :

You're trying to find results for the respective association you've got played so we publish the results in the above section a day on time, as and when it's announced by the respective association.

Previous Night results :

We keep all of the previous night's results on our website to be available for you to use. We all know this proven fact that previous results are important for the player.

Sure numbers or make numbers :

We've got no idea about this subject neither we offer any make numbers to any nor we will. Many people believe in such percentages, which some refer to as "making numbers," but we don't have access to them. But we do provide our target numbers for the night and you may contact TheTeer in this regard.

Night teer common numbers :

We provide Night teer common numbers on a regular basis, but keep in mind that these are not made-up numbers, and we do not guarantee results. Please do a checkout and match together with your target to induce a more robust success rate a day.