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Juwai Teer Result & Common numbers : 21/09/2021

Juwai Teer result & common numbers

Juwai Teer Results


First Round Second Round
24 73
02:10PM 03:05PM

Teer common number for Juwai


House: 3,8
Ending: 3,8
Direct: 30,68,93,82

Weekly booking numbers for Juwai teer

20/09/2021 to 25/09/2021
00, 11, 55, 88, 50, 05, 51, 15, 58, 85, 80, 08, 81, 18, 01, 10
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Previous teer results of Juwai

What is Juwai teer?

Juwai is a part of Meghalaya, and there is a separate game played in Juwai known as Juwai teer. Juwai’s result, according to many teer players, is a strong predictor of Shillong and Khanapara’s results.

How to win this game?

Our expert’s suggestion is, if you do not want to expire from this game and win in this game then you need to adopt different strategies to achieve success. Without a doubt, we will have all of the necessary resources on this page to help you become an expert player, but you must play intelligently.

Juwai vs Shillong teer

These are two different games played in Meghalaya, Result of these games are also published at different times so do not get confused.

Our target number

Our experts measure the target number, also known as the common number, using various teer formulas and strategies. We share our common numbers for on this page. We cannot guarantee that the numbers mentioned on our website will be accurate on a regular basis. However, users from all over India still have a good review of these numbers. So play these numbers at your own risk.

Today’s Juwai result

As soon as the Juwai teer result is available, we will update this article. You can also Checkout Khanapara teer result, Night teer result on their respective pages.

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