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History of teer from Theteer:

Teer is very popular game but no one knows the actual history of teer game. People only know this game started in the early years of the 20th century by people of Meghalaya.

It is said that in the 20th century when the English army attacked Meghalaya people, during this fight people captured arrows from them and started a different kind of games with the help of these arrows.

After a few years, people become expert archers and started different games at the local level. Meanwhile, as people were passionate about it. So it started on a professional level in Different cities of Meghalaya.

Old traditional game:

Teer is traditional ancient game in Shillong; people are part of this game from forefathers. Teer is mainstream of livelihood of people in Shillong.

There are total 5000 counters of Teer in Meghalaya. That employ more than 10000 people. Ticket sellers earn 350 to 500 rupees daily.


Archers play the central role in this game because they hit the target point for a specified time. 50 archers take part in this game, and each archer shoots 30 arrows.

The target points exist 50 yards away from archers. Archers are expert and work like a machine.

Every archer earns 300 rupees daily from the club.

Process of this game in Shillong Teer.

Whole day people buy different numbers (0-99) from licensed counters which exist all around the city and state.

When this game starts archers hit a specific target point with arrows (Teer). This process runs for 5 minutes. After this, they count the number of arrows which hit the target.

The final result is the last two digits of a total number of arrows which hit the target.

For example, if the total number of hitting arrows is 756, then they consider the last two digits of this number as a winning number. So, in this case, the winning number will be 56. And people who had bought this number that day will be winners.

What is Shillong Teer?

Teer is a game very famous in Indian state Meghalaya.

It is governed by the Meghalaya amusements and tax, Amendment Act 1982.

This game runs six days a week. Sunday is a holiday. It is very famous in three cities of Meghalaya Shillong, Khanapara and Juwai.

Governing association of this game earns millions of rupees every month.

Few people still know this as the name of Assam Teer because in start Meghalaya was part of Assam.

How can I check Shillong results today?

You can check results on the front of this page and also check shillong teer result.

How to buy a Teer number?

To buy a number you just need to visit a counter and pay them the desired amount which you want to spend on a specific number. They will note your details and issue that number to you according to your paid amount.

If your number wins, you can get your reward from that counter by showing them that ticked which they have issued to you at the time of payment.

How to choose numbers?

People literally dream them. It is great to believe in people of Shillong that dreams play an essential role in numbers of Teer.

There are different numbers which interpret the dream.

For example, if you see a man in the dream its number 6 and you see a woman, it’s number 5.

And if a man and woman are fighting in the dream its number 13. So people here in Shillong love to dream away and play away.

Well, there are many other ways also working for choosing numbers. People predict numbers with the help of old results. Few people have also defined the secret mathematical Teer formula to predict numbers.

How much amount of money the winners receive?

Well, it entirely depends on the amount which you have spent to buy a number. Winners receive 80 times more money which they have invested. Example: if you purchase a number in 100 rupees you will receive 8 thousand rupees.

Teer results update timing ?

There are two rounds of this game.

First round:

At 3.30 pm archers become ready and start this game. The final result of the first round announces around 4 pm.

Second round: Starts at 4.30pm and results announced around 5 pm.

The dark side of teer game:

When it becomes an addiction and when you lose more than you win. It is said that in this game kings have become beggars and beggars have become kings.

Teer Target number:

In result of dreams or different kind of predictions if a person finalizes a number to buy that called target number. Few people usually ask advice of other experts to conclude a target number. There are many kinds of experts in this field they predict numbers on the base of previous results and other mathematical formulas.

How to check previous teer result numbers?

We have arranged a list of previous numbers on another page. You can check them as and when needed.

Why is Shillong teer results different than Khanapara results?

Shillong and Khanapara are two different cities. So teer game conducted in both cities separately. There is no connection between these both, so sells their numbers and announces results separately.

Teer Dream numbers:

It is widespread and famous term because people have firm believe that their dreams have a strong connection with winning numbers in Shillong teer. They have finalized specific numbers for a particular thing in the dream. For example, if someone watches a girl in a dream than it is equal to 5, you can find the complete list in theteer.com.

Teer common numbers:

There are a few numbers which usually become winners more times as compare to other figures. So people buy generally only common numbers because they believe that these can be more beneficial are compare to others. Theteer also provives daily common numbers for each teer game.

Teer counters:

Counters are official and licensed shops of teer club association Where people buy numbers through the day. There are more than 1500 counters in Shillong and more than 5 thousand counters all over the state. Every shop gets the license from the state tax department by paying 3 thousand Indian Rupees.

Is teer legal in India?

It is legal in some particular states like Meghalaya.

Looking for other information ?

If you are looking for any other information or have any information that you would like to communicate with us, you can do so by sending us message in @Official TheTeer
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