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Shillong teer results today & common numbers : 06/07/2023 - First Round, Second Round - Meghalaya Teer Results

Shillong Teer results & common numbers

A lottery game called Teer (Tir) is built off the Archer Game. It is played in the state of Meghalaya. Some games are illegal, but Teer in Shillong is an authorized that is subject to regulations established by the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act. The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association is in charge of managing this lottery event.

The Khasi Hills archery sports is the location of a 50-person archery competition the results of which is the topic of a very well-liked betting game called Though Tir or Teer or Sat Khnam in Shillong. It comprises 12 archery clubs.

The amount of arrows shot in this lottery defines the winners. The people who have purchased the tickets for Shillong Teer can results for the first and second rounds. Some participants are given the opportunity to take prize money home every day.

Shillong teer results
First Round (FR) First Round (SR)
03:45PM 04:40PM
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Teer Common Numbers for Shillong

Shillong teer common numbers and teer target numbers for today. Please remember that we do not guarantee of the success daily, so play wisely.

Shillong teer Common Numbers
House/Ending Direct
1/6 21,86,10,69
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Shillong teer results 06/07/2023 – First Round, Second Round

Teer (In Bengali: তীর, in Hindi: तीर ) is a traditional Khasi Game broadcasted Live and teer participant can watch the game and its results on a real-time basis. Shillong Teer is undoubtedly the foremost famous in Meghalaya, North-East, and surrounding countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal.

Shillong TEER is a popular archery-based betting game played in the Indian state of Meghalaya, particularly in the city of Shillong. Shillong teer has a rich history and cultural significance in the region, dating back to ancient times when Teer was a popular sport and pastime among the local communities.

Shillong teer is organized by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association and is played twice a day, with the first round at about 3:30PM and the second round at about 4:30PM. To play the Teer, players choose a number between 0 and 99, and if their numbers corresponds to the last two digits of the numbers, they win a prize. The prize money varies depending on the amount of player played for the day.

How to participate in Shillong Teer?

Teer participants of meghalaya can sign up without any difficulty. They only need to purchase the ticket between 0 and 99 at one of the Betting Centers also known as Teer Counter. From 10:00 am until 3:30 pm, tickets will be on sale. As soon as the ticket office closes, the archery shooting session begins. There are 50 archers in total, and each may shoot up to 30 arrows in the first round and 20 arrows in the second. One round of shooting shouldn’t take more than two minutes to accomplish.

Shillong teer is played using traditional bamboo bows and arrows, and the targets are placed at a distance of around 100 meters from the archers. The arrows used in Shillong teer are specially designed to ensure that they hit the target with minimal damage, and the targets are made of soft materials such as straw or hay.

Players can use common numbers which are the numbers that are commonly used by players in the in the time of purchasing the teer ticket. The players can use their dream numbers as well. The dream numbers are the numbers that the players dreamt about.

Lottery tickets should only be purchased from registered shops. There are more than 5,000 ticket sales outlets spread across Meghalaya’s 11 districts. A ticket costs around ₹100, and the prize money is about ₹7,000. They will then have to go through a fairly simple betting process.

What are Shillong Teer Results today?

There are two rounds of shillong teer results released every day. The first and Second Rounds are published daily at 3:45 pm and 4:45 pm. It is played exclusively during the workweek, from Monday through Saturday.

What are Shillong Teer common numbers or hit numbers?

Shillong Teer common numbers, “Teer Target” and “Shillong teer Hit Numbers” are numbers that have as potential to be in today’s results. There are many formula that we apply inorder to find these common numbers and we publish these here for free, you can subscribe to our Youtube Channel to receive notification whenever we publish live Shillong teer game.

What is the History of teer?

Nobody knows the particular history of Shillong Teer. People only know that it started within the early years of the 20th century by the people of Meghalaya. It’s said that within the 20th century when the English people army attacked the Meghalaya people, during this fight people were capture with arrows and began a unique game.

After some years, people became expert archers and began different games at the local level. Meanwhile, as people were hooked into it. Eventually Shillong teer started on an expert level in numerous surrounding cities of Meghalaya, For example, Shillong, Khanapara, and Juwai have their own Teer game, and there are games played the night too.

Various components of Shillong teer:

  • Khashi Hills Archery Sports association:

    Teer Association (Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association) conducts the archery game in Meghalaya. They’re to blame for Preparing Club Chart, publishing club chart periodically & determining the numbers of arrow to plan the day.
  • Teer Clubs:

    There are 12 archery clubs related to Shillong teer and supported the club chart and numbers of arrows given to every member related to the clubs, shoot a target at a distance. (Guests can even shoot if they need to be a component of it.)
  • Counting of arrows:

    After the shooting is completed, they collect all the arrows from the target. Once the arrows were collected from the target, only intact arrows counted and made a record of it ahead of the general public.
  • Shillong Teer Results ( শিলং তীর রেজাল্ট):

    Khashi Hills Archery Sports association announce the results supported counting, as per the foundations of Shillong teer the last 2 digits are the teer results. Say the total numbers of intact arrows is 879 then the result, for that round is 79.

What is teer counter and the maximum possible amount participants can bet?

Teer counter is the place from where participants can buy Teer tickets of shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, Bhutan and Night games. If the sold number is in results, the client gets the amount of ticket multiplied by 70. There is no maximum amount limit to bet in Shillong teer but it depends on the capacity of the teer counter.

Basic understanding of the few common terms used in Teer:

  • Forecast number (FC):

    People use this term when a player plays two (One for the Primary ‘First’ round and another one for the second round) numbers in Juwai, Night, Khanapara, Bhutan, and Shillong at a time. For instance, if an individual plays 32X79 and results are FR-32 and SR 79, then the person gets a multiple of 4000.
  • Making numbers:

    Now allow us to discuss, is there a sure numbers during this game? We have researched this, but we’ve got not concluded. No fixed numbers or making numbers, one can only predict the numbers by various teer formulas. We also try to predict and publish these numbers daily as "shillong teer common numbers", you may filter with your target to urge success.
    We cannot guarantee that results will be from these numbers. However, users from India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan still have a wonderful review of those. We urge you to play these at your own risk.
  • Blocked numbers:

    Some users have requested us about the block numbers in Shillong, Juwai, Night, and Khanapara. Yes, there are some blocked numbers due to continuously hitting a particular number. We are able to extract these numbers only on specific counts.

Weekly shillong Teer Booking numbers:

Few players believe that a particular number will be in the results within few days, so they book that number to teer counter and play only that number until it’s in the results, these kind of numbers are known as booking numbers. We provide these weekly booking numbers to our users and got a great success ratio till now.

What does a player need to win teer game?

For a player to win the Shillong teer, several factors are equally significant. They are listed below

  • Previous results:

    These are important for any player, and for that reason, we’ve over 3 years previous results of shillong, khanapara, juwai, bhutan, and night. We can able to use these results for the back-testing of any archery formula.

  • Teer Dream numbers:

    Many players claim that understanding what your Night Dream means will help you predict numbers. We’ve compiled a list of the most famous dreams and their interpretations. You can identify the numbers and try your luck.

  • Teer Success formula:

    It’s a controversial topic, many believe there’s no formula in the least and a lot of depend upon these formulas. As we are playing this for a protracted time we’ve bumped into many formulas and a lot of them work fine but important to recollect that it’s impracticable to induce success each day.

  • Shillong Teer mantra: Patience

    It’s one of every of the foremost neglected elements during this game, so be courteous and have the patience to play this game otherwise, you can be out of this game at any time. We have seen many players left with bags and baggage. The fact is; you wish to create strategies to win the sport and you want to know when to prevent.

Which is the most played Teer Game?

There are many "Teer" games played and conducted in Meghalaya, but there are few Teer games that have gained popularity. People are searching for the results of the followings:
  • Shillong:

    Shillong teer also known as Meghalaya teer is a standard Khasi game-supported Teer hosted by Khasi Archery Sports Association, and it’s by far and away from the foremost played game in Meghalaya. It’s popular because it’s one among a sort of gambling/lottery. You’ll remain on this page to induce today’s results as and when published.
  • Juwai:

    Juwai is a neighboring city of Shillong. Unlike Shillong, it is a separate game conducted and played by the locals and its surroundings. Many active players around the world believe that Juwai result is a good guideline for Khanapara and Shillong teer.
  • Khanapara:

    Khanapara / Assam / Guwahati teer is one of the most common Teer games in the northeast and its environs. You can checkout more details of this game on our dedicated page.
  • Bhutan:

    Bhutan teer is gaining attraction from player, this game is conducted in Bhutan and it is also having two rounds known as the first round and second round. The time of results are 4:00PM and 5:00PM.
  • Night:

    This game is gradually gaining in popularity in the northeast and neighboring countries. Many organizations conduct night teer, but we update the most played one that declares results at night 10:55pm and 11:55pm.
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