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Teer result & common number of Shillong teer, Khanapara teer, Juwai teer & Night teer

Shillong teer result, Khanapara teer result, Juwai teer result, night teer result
Teer Common Number.
Updated on: 22/10/2020 - 02:55PM


Juwai teer Result

First RoundSecond Round
30 33

Teer common number for Juwai

House: 1,6
Ending: 1,6
Direct: 56,64,13,71
Updated @ 12:35PM

Weekly booking numbers

19/10/2020 to 24/10/2020

00, 33, 44, 66, 77, 88, 99, 06, 60, 07, 70, 08, 80, 09, 90, 30, 03, 36, 63, 37, 73, 38, 83, 39, 93, 40, 04, 46, 64, 47, 74, 48, 84, 49, 94, 34, 43, 67, 76, 68, 86, 69, 96, 79, 97, 89, 98

Juwai teer previous results


Shillong Teer Result

First RoundSecond Round

Teer common number for Shillong

House : 1,6
Ending : 1,6
Direct : 21,65,36,19
Final update before 02:45PM

Weekly booking numbers

19/10/2020 to 24/10/2020

55, 66, 22, 88, 99, 52, 25, 58, 85, 59, 95, 62, 26, 68, 86, 69, 96, 56, 65, 28, 82, 29, 92, 89, 98

Shillong teer previous results


Khanapara Teer Result

First RoundSecond Round

Teer common number for Khanapara

House : 1,6
Ending : 1,6
Direct : 81,14,06,62
Updated before 02:45PM

Weekly booking numbers

19/10/2020 to 24/10/2020

00, 88, 99, 22, 55, 77, 20, 02, 05, 50, 07, 70, 82, 28, 58, 85, 87, 78, 92, 29, 95, 59, 97, 79, 08, 80, 09, 90, 89, 98, 25, 52, 27, 72, 57, 75

Khanapara teer previous results


Night Teer Result

First RoundSecond Round
51 99

Teer common number for Night

House : 0,5
Ending : 0,5
Direct : 25,30,51,04
Updated @ 07:50PM

Weekly booking numbers

19/10/2020 to 25/10/2020

99, 11, 77, 91, 19, 97, 79, 17, 71

Night teer previous results

What is an archery game in Meghalaya?

It (In Bengali: তীর, in Hindi: तीर ) is a traditional Khasi Game, where two rounds played every day and we know them as FR (First round) & SR (Second round). It is undoubtedly the most famous game in Meghalaya, North-East, and surrounding countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal.

No one knows the actual history of the teer game. People only know that it started in the early years of the 20th century by the people of Meghalaya. It is said that in the 20th century when the English army attacked the Meghalaya people, during this fight people captured arrows from them and started a different game with the help of these arrows.

After a few years, people become expert archers and started different games at the local level. Meanwhile, as people were passionate about it. So it started on a professional level in different cities of Meghalaya, now those cities have their own game namely Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, and so on, also there are many archery games played at night.

Various components of the archery game:

Archery association:

Association (Khasi Archery Sports Association) is the one who maintains and conducts the archery game. They are also responsible for Preparing Club Chart, publish club chart periodically & determined the number of arrows to shot for the day.

Archery Clubs:

There are 12 archery clubs associated with this game and based on the club chart and numbers of arrows given to each member associated with the clubs, shoot a target at a distance. (Guest can also shoot if wanted to be a part of it.)

Counting of arrows:

After the shooting is done, they collect all the arrows from the target. Once the arrows being collected from the target, only intact arrows counted and made a record of it in front of the public.


They announce the result based on counting, as per the rules of this game the last 2 digits are the result for Shillong teer, Khanapara teer, Juwai teer, & Night teer. Say the total number of intact arrows is 879 then the result, for that round is 79.


They are the ones having teer counter & allowed to sell tickets of Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, and Night teer from 00 to 99 (Total 100 numbers). If the sold number is in result, the buyer gets the amount of ticket multiplied by 70(This amount is variable from bookie to bookie & Rounds). For example, you bought tickets for 56(FR) with ₹​50 and the result is 56(FR) then you will get ₹​3500.

Forecast number (FC):

People use this term when a player plays two (One for the first round and another one for the second round) numbers in Juwai, Night, Khanapara, and Shillong at a time. For example, if a person plays 32X79 and the results are also FR-32 and SR 79, then the person gets a multiple of 4000.

Making number:

Now let us discuss, is there a sure number in this game? Our team members have researched this, but we have not concluded. No fixed number or making number in teer, one can only predict the number by various teer formula. We also try to predict these numbers and publish our target number known as teer common number on our website. You can consider checking out these and match with your own target to get success every day.

We cannot guarantee that everyday results of teer in Shillong, Khanapara, Juwai, and Night will be from these numbers. However, users from all over India, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan still have an excellent review of these numbers. We urge you to play these numbers at your own risk and remember that members from theteer.com can not provide 'make numbers'. If you are getting a call from fake callers on our behalf, we warn you to refrain from receiving any number.

Blocked numbers:

Some users have requested us about the block number in Shillong, Juwai, Night, and Khanapara. Yes, there are some blocked numbers because of continuously hitting a specific number. We can extract these numbers only on specific counts.

Booking numbers:

Sometimes few players believe that a particular number will be in the result within a few days and they play the same number until it is in Khanapara teer, Juwai teer, Night teer, or Shillong teer result. These types of numbers are known as booking numbers.

What does a player need to win this game?

Many elements are equally important for a player to win the game of Shillong teer, Khanapara teer, Night teer, or Juwai teer. They are listed bellow

Previous results:

These are important for any player, and for that reason, we have over 3 Year results of Shillong teer, Khanapara teer, Night teer & Juwai. We can use these results for the backtesting of any archery formula.

Teer Dream numbers:

Many players believe that your Night Dream can predict numbers by knowing what does your dream means. We have listed most of the common dreams and their meaning. Teer Dream Numbers apply to Shillong Teer Dream Number, Juwai Teer Dream Number, Khanapara teer dream number, and Night teer dream number.

Teer Success formula:

It’s a controversial topic, many believe there is no formula at all and many rely on these formulas. As we are playing this for a long time we have come across many formulas and many of them work fine but also important to remember that it is not possible to get success every day.


It is one of the most neglected elements in this game, so be courteous and have the patience to play this game otherwise, you can be out of this game at any time. We have seen many players left with bag and baggage as they could not able to deal with their ego but the reality is; you need to make strategies to win the game and you must know when to stop.

Which are the most important results of Teer in Meghalaya?

There are many archery games played and conducted in Meghalaya, but there are few archery games that have gained popularity. Peoples are looking for the results of the followings

Shillong teer result:

It is a traditional Khasi game based on archery hosted by Khasi Archery Sports Association, and it is by far the most played game in Meghalaya. It is popular because it is one of a kind of gambling/lottery. You can stay on this page to get today's Shillong teer result as and when published.

Juwai teer result:

Juwai teer game played in Juwai, a neighboring city of Shillong. Unlike Shillong teer, it is a separate game conducted and played by the locals and its surroundings. Many active archery players believe that Juwai teer is a good indicator for Khanapara, Shillong teer because we update Juwai result before other results.

Khanapara teer result:

We update today's Khanapara teer result on this page. It is also known as Assam/Guwahati teer is also one of the most played archery games in the north-east and its surroundings. Many users confuse between khanapara teer, Shillong teer, and believe that they are the same but in reality, they are different games and conducted in a different location.

Night teer result:

As the name suggests, people play (buy tee tickets) for this game after Juwai, Khanapara, Shillong teer result is out, that is from evening till night at 10:00, and respective organizations conduct and publish results at night. Gradually night teer game is gaining popularity in the north-east and its neighboring country. Many organizations conduct night teer, but we update the most played one that declares results at night 10:30(First Round) and 11:30(Second Round).